Pins were all the rage in France in the late eighties and early nineties. Many Minitel-themed pins were produced, highlighting the social importance of the network.

This pin celebrates the 3615 network and bears an appropriate pink color.

minitelwebsitepix 012

This pin was produced by France Telecom to celebrate the production of the 5,000,000th Minitel terminal.

minitelwebsitepix 010

An ad for the Minitel site of Naf Naf, a clothing company.

minitelwebsitepix 005

3614 Top Reno

minitelwebsitepix 007

3615 Foot

minitelwebsitepix 008


minitelwebsitepix 009

Not all Minitel was pink. The keychain below advertises the site of a butane-propane distributor.

minitelwebsitepix 013

minitelwebsitepix 014