Computer connection kits

Below are two connection kits/software for Minitel. The first kit allowed one to connect an Atari ST to a Minitel, run banking/accounting software on the Atari, connect to a bank's Minitel site, and automate certain operations, such as payroll wires. The second kit enabled a connection to an Amstrad CPC, for the purpose of downloading Amstrad software from a Minitel site.

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Minitel carrying case

We found this item on ebay and had never seen one before. We believe this is a tailor-made, one of a kind item, possibly made for a traveling salesman. It fits a Minitel 1, 1B, and our American Minitel which is based on the 1B. If you have any information about this item, please contact us.

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Trading card

Some sort of industry-oriented trading card.




A sticker advertising the Minitel site of the French tennis federation.


PIF ad

This is a magazine ad for PIFTEL, the Minitel site of PIF, the French-communist-party-owned weekly comic magazine for children. At its peak, PIF printed up to 1 million copies. This ad presents PIFTEL as an online companion to the printed magazine. With Minitel, the French print industry was one step ahead of the rest of the world, experimenting with online business models for publishing as early as the 1980s.

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Minitel dog

Special Agent Dale Cooper likes to hang out around Minitels being hacked.

minitel hackathon