Memorabilia and ephemera

Minitel memorabilia

Pathfinder Videotex Hat
The "Pathfinder" patch on this yellow hat refers to trial of Canada's Telidon videotex system that ran from 1982-1983 in the province of Saskatchewan.

"Le Minitel" Trading Card
This is a trading card with general information about the origins of Minitel published in 1989. The photo on the front of the card depicts a typical installation of Minitel terminal equipment in the home. While a PC might be stored in a home office…

3615 FFT Promotional Sticker
This is a promotional sticker for 3615 FFT, a service run by the French tennis federation.

Advertisement for 36.15 PIFTEL
This is a magazine ad for PIFTEL, the Minitel site of PIF, a weekly comic magazine for children published by the French Communist Party. At its peak, PIF printed up to 1 million copies. This ad presents PIFTEL as an online companion to the printed…

France Telecom Sticker
"I'm connected on Minitel, how about you? No... Well then go pick one up at your local France Telecom branch"