Telic ABCD

The first 110,000 terminals to roll out of the Telic Alcatel production line featured an alphabetical keyboard layout. France Telecom and Telic Alcatel were testing to see if path dependence could be beaten or if the AZERTY keyboard layout was to remain a staple of the French typing landscape. While users who had never typed on a keyboard before did as well as they would have with an AZERTY layout, users who were used to the AZERTY layout had difficulties. Path dependence was not beat, and subsequent series of terminals reverted to the AZERTY layout.

Note that this series features gold-plated connections, a feature later abandonned in the interest of lowering the cost of terminals.

Scroll down to see screenshots of this teminal being used to connect to the popular pink Minitel site "3615 ULLA" -- taken while testing the terminal, Paris, December 2011.

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